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Academic Honors

The Honors List distinctions are automatically added to a student's transcript when GPA (grade point average) criteria (see below) are fulfilled within a specific semester. There are no applications to fill out and no fees to pay for these honors. These semester distinctions are not, however, sufficient to entitle students the privilege of wearing honors regalia at graduation (see Eligibility for Graduation with Honors), which are based on cumulative GPA at graduation.

  • President's List Notation: The student completes 12 or more units of GWC coursework with letter grades and earns a semester GPA of 4.0.
  • Dean's List Notation: The student completes 12 or more units of GWC coursework with letter grades and earns a semester GPA of 3.50-3.99.
  • Honors List Notation: The student completes 6 - 11.9 units of GWC coursework with letter grades and earns a semester GPA of 3.75-4.0.

Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society

Alpha Gamma Sigma, established in 1922, is California’s Community College Honor Society. The state organization schedules two conferences each year, awards thousands of dollars annually to outstanding AGS honor society members and provides a forum for academic excellence, student success, and community involvement on the California community college campuses.

Eligibility for membership in the Sigma Pi Chapter at Golden West College is based on completing 12 or more graded college units at GWC, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. Membership is renewable each semester. Chapter dues and grade verification are required. Permanent membership is awarded to students completing 60 transferrable units from any California Community College, with two semesters of membership, and a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or better. Permanent members receive recognition on their GWC transcript and diploma and at the state level. All graduating AGS members in good standing may wear a gold AGS stole at the GWC graduation ceremony. The Sigma Pi Chapter at Golden West College recognizes academic achievement and promotes scholarship eligibility and transferability to four-year institutions.

Active AGS members practice leadership and organizational skills, initiate service programs for the campus and community, and develop networking, and interpersonal communication skills. Members meet weekly on campus during the fall and spring semesters. There are no scheduled meetings during intersession or summer.

Students must apply for membership during the first ten weeks of the fall or spring semester. AGS membership application forms, dues and grade verifications should be submitted to the GWC Bursars Office.

Associated Students of Golden West College (ASGWC)

(See Campus Life)

Athletic Programs

The athletic program of Golden West College is coordinated by the Athletic Director. Included in the Physical Education complex are the Gymnasium, Cardiovascular/Strength Training Fitness Center, and the Yoga/Pilates Center.

Out­door facilities feature a rubberized all-weather track, football field, baseball stadium, softball stadium, tennis, sand volleyball courts, and soccer fields. The total complex is complemented by an Olympic-sized, 50-meter pool and a rehabilitation pool.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Golden West College is a member of the Orange Empire Conference of the California Community College Athletic Association. Member colleges of the conference are Cypress, Fullerton, Irvine Valley, Orange Coast, Santa Ana, Santiago Canyon, Riverside, Saddleback, and Golden West. The college sponsors a full program of intercollegiate athletic competition.

In football, the college is a member of the Southern California Football Association comprised of Southern California Community Colleges.

Men’s sports include football, soccer, basketball, and water polo in the fall; and baseball, basketball, swimming, and volleyball in the spring.

Women’s sports include basketball, water polo, soccer, and volleyball in the fall; and basketball, women’s beach volleyball, swimming, and softball in the spring.

Coed Sports include cross country in the fall and track and field in the spring.

Athletic Eligibility

To be eligible for intercollegiate participation at Golden West College, student athletes must be enrolled in 12 units of coursework. To remain eligible in subsequent semesters, they must satisfactorily complete 24 units between seasons of competition of which 18 need to be academic, vocational or remedial, and maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average since the start of the semester/quarter of the first participation. Questions on athletic eligibility should be referred to the Athletic Director.

For additional information on athletic eligibility and athletic teams, contact or call (714) 895-8333.

Physical Education and Fitness Programs

To meet the fitness needs and increase awareness of how to live a longer and healthier life, a number of the college’s physical activity facilities are available for use by the surrounding communities.

A variety of cardiovascular conditioning and strength training classes are offered for enrollment. There are outdoor sand volleyball, and tennis courts and the running track which are available for use through enrolling in Physical Education courses.  Please check out the course offerings in the student searchable schedule.

For additional information on physical education and programs, contact or call (714) 895-8333

Campus Life

First Floor, Student Services Center

Campus Life provides a variety of opportunities for involvement, service, and leadership in co-curricular activities. In response to the varying needs of the student population, we recognize diversity as a core value of our campus community. We strive to create experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom and encourage all students to actively participate in the greater campus community.

Programs and Services include:

Associated Students of Golden West College (ASGWC)
Mission Statement:
Associated Students of Golden West College (ASGWC) advocates for the personal and academic needs of GWC's diverse student body. We will pursue initiatives that create a more sustainable campus, grow students understanding of college resources, expand leadership opportunities, and promote active engagement in campus activities, programs and organizations. Most of all, as an organization led by students for students, we pledge to foster an equitable and inclusive college experience.

Members of ASGWC share active and vital roles in the governance process at Golden West College. Executive Student Council members are elected by the general student body or appointed when vacancies occur.

ASGWC consists of four Standing Committees, two Standing Commissions, and the Student Senate that assist in the organization and operation of campus programs and events. Any Golden West College student who is enrolled in five (5) units at GWC, or in an adult education program offered by Golden West College, or has a documented disability filed with DSPS, and meets and maintains the minimum standards of scholarship prescribed for community college students by the community college district, may apply online to serve on an ASGWC Standing Committee or Commission as a Student Delegate. Applications are available online and are accepted throughout the year.

Standing Committees

The College Life Committee is comprised of students who plan and implement ASGWC programs and events throughout the year. The College Life Committee is chaired by the Vice President of College Life and meets weekly during the fall and spring semesters.

The Publicity Committee creates marketing and publicity campaigns to promote ASGWC events and initiatives throughout the year. The Publicity Committee is chaired by the Vice President of Public Relations and meets weekly during the fall and spring semesters.

The Student Interest Committee provides an opportunity for students to advocate for changes that positively impact student success. Students on this committee recommend policy changes and suggest solutions for student issues. The Student Interest Committee is chaired by the Vice President of Student Advocacy and meets weekly during the fall and spring semesters.

The Sustainability Committee aims to make Golden West College a more earth-friendly campus by advocating for more sustainable practices. The committee strives to educate, engage, and involve the campus community in sustainability efforts. The Sustainability Committee is chaired by the Vice President of Sustainability and meets weekly during the fall and spring semesters.

Standing Commissions

​The Election Commission publishes, monitors, and supervises all elections for ASGWC. The Election Commission Chairperson is designated by the ASGWC Student Body President with majority approval from the Executive Student Council.

The Finance Commission is responsible for approving and recommending the ASGWC annual budget to the Executive Student Council. The Finance Commission is chaired by the Vice President of Financial Affairs and meets weekly during the fall and spring semesters.

Student Senate
The Student Senate is a representative group of leaders appointed from the ASGWC Standing Committees. The group serves as a recommending body to the ASGWC Executive Council and is chaired by the Executive Vice President. The Student Senate meets weekly during the fall and spring semesters.

Campus Life
Provides a variety of on-campus and off-campus programs, activities, and events for Golden West College students. The office also assists students, faculty, and staff with planning co-curricular campus activities.

Civic Engagement
Civic engagement is when communities and individuals engage with pressing issues of any public concerns of the local, city, or state governments. Civic engagement is concerned with community collaboration in taking political and nonpolitical actions to protect the values of the community and make improvements of significant impact for the betterment of community interests. Being involved in public concerns within the state and federal level means you are making your voice heard. To learn more, please visit

College Service Charge & Student Representation Fee 
The College Services Charge is $20 per semester for fall and spring and $12 for the summer session. The College Service Charge provides funding for ASGWC to provide students with a variety of programs and services. Students also receive discounts at local businesses and free entry to athletics and campus life events. The Student Representation Fee is $2 per semester for fall and spring with one dollar going to the Student Senate for California Community Colleges and one dollar staying at Golden West College to fund student advocacy and representation.

GWC Student Discounts Program
Discounts are available to students, faculty, and staff from shops, restaurants, cafes, and local attractions. An extensive list of student discounts can be found at the Campus Life Office.

Free printer services are available to ASGWC and Student Clubs and Organizations. The LED Marquee (located above the Recreational Education building) and the GWC App are also available to advertise on-campus events.

Student Clubs and Organizations
Joining a student club is a great way to enrich a students' academic experience and meet people with similar interests. GWC has clubs of all types that focus on a variety of topics and interests. To join a club, please attend a meeting, contact the Club Advisor, join through a current member, or attend Club Expo during the fall or spring semester. Club meeting times and contact information can be found on the GWC App, and are also listed online at

Student Participation on College Committees
Students are encouraged to serve as student representatives in the participatory governance process at Golden West College. To learn more, please visit

Student Union
The Student Union offers a variety of amenities to students, including the GWC Cafeteria, a lounge area with a large HDTV, wireless internet access, computers, and the Student Union Stage, which is available for student forums, community presentations, and small productions.

Volunteer Program
Campus Life provides volunteer opportunities to promote civic engagement for all students and staff. Throughout the year, Campus Life sponsors group activities and maintains a list of local volunteer organizations online for students. To learn more, please visit

Community Education And Activities

One aspect of the community college mission is to promote involvement of the community. Golden West College Com­munity Education and Activities strives to identify and meet the needs of the community.

Programs offered through Community Education and Activities are self-supporting and fee-based. Programs include online personal development workshops, online career training programs, and retirement seminars.

Community Education and Activities Programs Refund and Transfer Charges

Refunds must be requested at least three working days prior to the program start date or the printed refund deadline date for selected programs. There will be a $10.00 processing fee per person for each program.

Participants who have registered for a program and request a transfer to another program must pay a $10.00 processing fee per person for each program. Trans­fers are accepted no later than three (3) working days prior to the program start date or the printed refund deadline date for selected programs.

Swap Meet

Community Education and Activities takes pride in its many accomplishments. Among them is the success of the Golden West College Swap Meet which began in the spring of 1979 with a turnout of 100 vendors. The Swap Meet is open Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year and Easter Sunday. Featuring over 650 vendor spaces per day, the Swap Meet provides a great environment for family outings. Admission and parking are free to the public.

Cultural Programs

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery at Golden West College exhibits regional, national, and international art. Gallery exhibits include our annual juried student exhibit and several traditional and contemporary art exhibits throughout the year.


(714) 895-8772

The annual dance concerts feature GWC students and invited guest artists. There are additional performances and master classes offered in the GWC studio dance theater and in the community.


(714) 895-8772

Concerts are performed each year by the Chamber Choir and Symphonic Band.

Theater Productions

The Golden West College Theater Arts Department presents a diverse theater season in the Mainstage and Stage West Theaters.  Drama, comedy, and musical productions are offered, with themes from the classical to the contemporary.

For more information about Golden West College’s outstanding Fine and Performing Arts programs, call (714) 895-8772 (Arts and Letters Division Office) or go online to (Performing Arts).