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Computer Aided Design and Drafting, Associate in Arts Degree

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Financial Aid Eligible

This program prepares students for careers in engineering and architectural drafting disciplines. Courses incorporate analyzation of industry standard manufacturing prints and realistic 3D modeling. Students will apply 2D and 3D CAD software to design projects, 3D-printed prototypes and create a professional portfolio. Opportunities for employment are available in many related industrial disciplines. General education courses are required to obtain an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree and to transfer to higher education institutions. 

Potential careers students may enter upon completion are as follows:

  • Mechanical drafting
  • Civil drafting
  • Electrical drafting
  • Industrial drafting
  • Architectural drafting
  • 3D printing

Program Level Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Operate 2D CAD computer software and apply the principles of drafting to create industry standard manufacturing prints.
  2. Identify dimensioning standards and apply Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.
  3. Design solid models, assemblies, and detail drawings using a feature-based parametric design CAD program.
  4. Assess cost-efficient use of 3D printing technology.
  5. Apply mathematics, measuring conventions, scale and mass property analysis.

Review Graduation Requirements and General Education.

Course Title Units
Required Courses
DRAF G101Basic Computer Aided Design Drafting3
DRAF G105Basic Engineering Drafting I, Computer Aided Drafting3
DRAF G110Basic Engineering Drafting II, Computer Aided Drafting3
DRAF G170Advanced 3D Mechanical Design3
Recommended Electives
Select two of the following:6-8
ART G107Color and Design: 2D3
ART G108Color Theory3
ART G109Color and Design: 3D3
BUS G130Introduction to Business Writing3
BUS G139Business Communication3
COOP G191CCooperative Work Experience - General1-4
DART G105Digital 2D Design & Color Theory3
MATH G115College Algebra4
MATH G120Trigonometry3
MATH G180Calculus 14
Major Total18-20
GE Pattern (Local, CSU GE-Breadth, or IGETC)18-39
Total Units60

Recommended Program Sequence

These sequences are general course maps for students to finish all major and general education requirements for two-year completion of degrees, completion of short-term certificates, and/or fulfillment of transfer requirements. However, this may not be an appropriate path for all students.  The two-year sequence is based on English and Math placement and meeting other course prerequisites. Students are advised to meet with a GWC Counselor to review course selections and sequences to ensure that completion of this program will meet a student's transfer and career goals.

Year 1:

Course Title Units
Semester 1
DRAF G101Basic Computer Aided Design Drafting3
ENGL G100Freshman Composition ^4
Elective coursework for a total of 3 units3
Area E: Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development or Area A: English Language, Area B: Natural Sciences, Area C: Arts & Humanities, Area D: Social & Behavioral Sciences3
Course Title Units
Semester 2
DRAF G105Basic Engineering Drafting I, Computer Aided Drafting3
ART G107Color and Design: 2D3
or ART G109 Color and Design: 3D
Area A: English Language, Communication, and Analytical Thinking3-5
Area C: Arts & Humanities course3

Year 2:

Course Title Units
Semester 3
DRAF G110Basic Engineering Drafting II, Computer Aided Drafting3
Area B: Natural Science course3-5
Select one of the following or satisfy Math competency (completion of Algebra 2 in High School with a "C" or better): MATH G030, MATH G040, or MATH G080.
MATH G030Intermediate Algebra4
MATH G040Accelerated Elementary and Intermediate Algebra5
MATH G080Pre-Statistics5
If Math competency is satisfied, take Elective coursework for a total of 3 units3
Elective coursework for a total of 3-6 units3-6
Course Title Units
Semester 4
DRAF G170Advanced 3D Mechanical Design3
Cultural Diversity requirement #3
Elective coursework to reach a minimum of 60 unitsVaries
Total minimum units required60

Cultural Diversity requirement list of approved courses


Program sequence may not be recommended for students who self-place into ENGL G100S. Students should see a Counselor for appropriate advisement.