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Red Hat Linux, Certificate of Accomplishment

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Not Financial Aid Eligible

This four-course certificate helps prepare students for the entry-level Red Hat Software certification exams. It also prepares them for either the CompTIA Linux+ or the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. These are for entry-level System Administration positions. Courses are hands-on intensive and cover several technologies of Red Hat Software Distribution and the entry-level knowledge of either AWS services or other basic Linux Distributions. Students will demonstrate the ability to utilize, deploy and administrate Red Hat Linux services including Web Servers, FTP servers, authentication, and basic database administration. It also covers basic identity management, pricing, and budgeting. Upon completion of this certificate, students can expect to be prepared for Network Operations positions, System Administrator, and basic Cloud Administration positions at the associate level.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  1. In a computer lab setting, demonstrate the ability to implement, manage and maintain services in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux software suite. Describe the advantages of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Software Distribution. Recognize the main services used in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution.
  2. In a computer lab setting, develop new application playbooks using Ansible for containers under Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Automate normal functions in a secure manner for software containers.
  3. In a computer lab setting, demonstrate the ability to define different types of cloud computing models. Describe the six advantages of cloud computing, recognize the main generic service categories and core services, identify the business advantages for moving to the cloud and recognize container/cloud Infrastructure.

Review Graduation Requirements.

Course Title Units
Required Core
Complete the following:
CST C198Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Foundations3
CST C264Introduction to Red Hat Linux Administration3
CST C274Red Hat System Administration 23
CST C275Red Hat System Administrator 33
Total Units12