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Management (Applied), Associate of Science

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Financial Aid Eligible

This Management (Applied) Associate of Science degree program leverages the existing knowledge, skills, and abilities each student brings into the program. The pre-planned path through the coursework and competencies scaffolds learning so that students are best prepared to succeed as they move through the pathway. For students with work experience, this program will provide them with the knowledge and skills to move up the career ladder to a manager role or to progress further along a supervisor/manager career path. Courses required for this degree build and upgrade skills in leading and managing people while enhancing individual and organizational effectiveness within the workplace. Several communications-related courses are required in this program given that communication is a key managerial skill. Courses focus on the traditional managerial framework of leading, organizing, planning, communicating, training, and controlling. Coursework emphasizes embracing diversity within organizations and creating inclusive organizational cultures. Potential careers include General and Operations Managers, Administrative Services Managers, and Industrial Production Managers. Management positions are required in many industries and in businesses of many sizes.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Develop and exhibit high standards of professional practice, demonstrating awareness of ethical and social responsibilities in today’s multicultural, team-oriented, rapidly changing global environment.
  2. Analyze and recommend effective business decisions/solutions using a systematic, evaluative, and data-driven approach.
  3. Effectively communicate solutions to business problems using appropriate business terms and strategies.
  4. Formulate strategies that embrace diversity within organizations and create inclusive organizational cultures.

The required courses for this degree are designed to meet associate degree graduation and general education requirements.  This Competency Based Education (CBE) program may require additional application and registration requirements.  Please visit a Coastline counselor for additional information.

Course Title Units
Required Courses
ACCT C116ACCT for Non-Financial Managers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners3
BUS C100Introduction to Business3
BUS C101Introduction to Project Management3
BUS C120Personal Finance3
BUS C139Business Communication3
BUS C281Work Experience Education1
CIS C105Introduction to Business Office Technology3
CIS C205Principles of Information Systems3
CIS C280Data Visualization3
CMST C100Interpersonal Communication3
CMST C110Public Speaking3
CMST C140Small Group Communication3
ENGL C100Freshman Composition4
ETHS C233Racial and Ethnic Relations in America3
GEOL C161Environmental Geology3
KIN C101Personal Fitness and Wellness1
MATH C101Applied Mathematics3
MGMT C100Principles of Management3
MGMT C115Human Relations in Business3
MGMT C144Introduction to Leadership3
PHIL C140Business and Organizational Ethics3
Total Units60