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President's Message

Dr. Vince Rodriguez, President of Coastline Community College

Vince Rodriguez, Ed. D.​

Dear Students:

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Coastline College; we believe you have made an excellent choice in selecting Coastline to pursue your educational goals!  A college education is one of the smartest investments you can make. Research shows that college graduates can earn as much as 56% more than high school graduates and $1 million more over their lifetime.  Whether you are a first-time college student or returning to college, Coastline is dedicated to our students’ success, providing an educational experience that inspires, challenges, and yields greater opportunities for the future.

Coastline College has been one of the most innovative colleges throughout our history and we are deeply committed to academic excellence and student success.  Through technology, innovation, and education, Coastline has been a leader in distance learning since we opened our doors in 1976.   The college offers a wide variety of courses that can be applied toward an associate degree, pathway transfer to a 4-year college, or a workforce certificate.  You can count on first-class student support services and programs, and access to dedicated staff and faculty, who will help you through your educational journey.  We are a college beyond the campus, whether you take classes onsite or online, live near our campuses or hundreds of miles away, we are committed to guiding you through successful completion of your educational goals.  

Students come to Coastline from all walks of life.  Coastline serves a diverse student population and represents students from a variety of ages, ethnicities, abilities, backgrounds, and circumstances.  The college provides many special services and programs which have been designed to meet the needs of all members of our diverse student population. Coastline also serves a large Hispanic and Asian community.  We celebrate this vibrant diverse community of our students and employees.  We want every student to have a sense of belonging.  Coastline has always and will continue to be committed to fostering a greater culture of equity and inclusion in our college and in the surrounding community.