Academic Catalogs


(Fees are subject to change at any time)

Enrollment Fees

$46 per unit. The enrollment fee is subject to change by the state legislature.

College Services Charge

(formerly Student Services Charge)

$12 per semester. This charge underwrites many student services, classes and programs. It is not mandatory. A portion of each $12 charge goes to instructional grants and student scholarships. Information about specific programs funded by this charge and requests for waiver of the charge are available and granted only in the Admissions and Records office during the registration period. Waivers must be secured in advance and submitted at the time of a student’s initial enrollment.


Coastline maintains no dormitories. Housing transactions must be made individually.

Non-resident Tuition

$381.00 per unit + $31.00 per unit Non-Resident Capital Outlay. Students who are not California residents as defined by the Education Code are required to pay the non-resident tuition fee in addition to the fees described above. Active duty military students and their dependents who either are enrolled in the Military Programs administered by Coastline College or who are enrolled only in fully online classes at any college in the District are exempt from the capital outlay fee. Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to prove that he/she is a California resident.

Materials Fees

Students may need to purchase materials for classes, as follows:

  1. Required instructional materials of continuing value outside of the classroom must be paid for by the student. These are tangible materials that are essential to satisfy course objectives, have value to the student outside the classroom, belong to the student and may be taken home. These materials include, but are not limited to, such items as textbooks, workbooks, syllabi, computer discs, tools, uniforms and canvases. They also include materials, such as clay, that are transformed into materials of lasting value.

    Note:Some classes carry a fee for required instructional materials. These fees are for the types of materials described above. When such fees are indicated, the materials for which the fees are levied are supplied at district costs and are sold as a convenience to students. However, students may choose not to pay the fee indicated and provide the materials themselves. Students are warned that they will not be able to complete the requirements of a course if they do not purchase or provide required instructional materials.
  2. Students are advised to provide certain instructional materials of an optional nature. These are materials that enhance a student’s learning experience in the classroom but are not essential to completion of course objectives.

Parking Fee

$35 per Fall/Spring Semester. $20 for Summer Session. See “Parking Regulations” found in the Parking Regulations section of this catalog.

Health Services Fee

(Subject to change at any time): All students enrolling in one or more courses are required to pay the Health Services Fee of $28. This is a mandatory fee unless the student presents a waiver. Students who qualify for a waiver are:

  • Students who depend solely upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization. Call (714) 241-6176 for information.
  • Students enrolled only in courses of two weeks or less in duration.
  • Students enrolled only in non-credit courses.
  • Students enrolled in an approved Study Abroad Program.
  • Students enrolled in an approved apprenticeship training program.

Student Representation Fee

$2 per semester. This fee supports student representation before city, county, state and/or federal government. However, it cannot be used to support individual candidates or campaigns. It is not mandatory.

Expenses for Military & Contract Education Programs

Coastline has a number of agreements with employers and private entities to provide specialized educational opportunities to their employees or other designees. Fees will be assessed according to the respective agreements in place between the college and entity for students opting to enroll in these programs.

Coastline offers online and other distance learning education programs specifically designed to meet the unique needs of military and corporate students and clients. With approval of its Board of Trustees in 2000, Coastline established an ancillary program specifically designed to meet the unique needs of active duty Servicemembers and adheres to Branch-specific educational program practices, requirements, contracts, and MOUs.

Our Military Program incorporates a dedicated staff experienced with serving the military community.  Military students can select from any online courses on the schedule; which contains a variety of course lengths including accelerated 8-week courses. Military Programs are approved for Tuition Assistance (TA), MyCAA Financial Assistance vouchers (military spouses), and Veterans Affairs education benefits. Please visit the Coastline Military Programs and Services web page at for program-specific information and rates.

Coastline’s Military and Contract Education Department provides client-specific educational opportunities, including degree/certificate programs and customized training. A few of our partnerships include online certificates and degrees for employees of Kaiser Permanente/Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust (BHMT) and The Education Fund (previously known as the SEIU UHW-West & Joint Employer Education Fund). Information about educational options for BHMT is available at  Information about educational options for The Education Fund is available at Please visit the respective Coastline-sponsored employer website for program-specific information and prevailing rates.

Current program rates range up to $210 per credit hour.