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Physics, Associate in Science Degree for Transfer

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Physics is an attempt to understand natural phenomena, and is fundamental to related fields such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology and engineering. The goal of the physics program is to develop students’ understanding and analysis of the physical world through mathematical techniques involving qualitative and quantitative reasoning. It is strongly recommended that all physics majors take a course in linear algebra and differential equations such as MATH C285 in addition to the degree requirements, but this cannot be included as a requirement due to unit limitations.

Associate Degrees for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) are open to all Coastline students. Students who do not plan on transferring to a California State University school should consult their Counselor regarding the benefits of an AA-T/AS-T degree based on their goals. Students earning an AA-T or AS-T and intending on transferring to a California State University school receive transfer admission benefits for specific majors at many California State University campuses. Visit the Transfer Information catalog page for more information.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and describe major concepts and theoretical principles as applied to physics.
  2. Apply appropriate physical laws and mathematical techniques to analyze various physical situations.
  3. Perform various scientific experiments and to analyze data to check agreement with theoretical predictions.

Associate Degree for Transfer Requirements

  1. Minimum of 60 CSU-transferable semester units. A minimum of 12 units must be in residence at Coastline College.
  2. Minimum grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in all CSU-transferable coursework.
  3. Completion of a minimum of 18 semester units in an Associate Degree for Transfer major as detailed in the catalog.
  4. Certified Completion of the California State University General Education-Breadth pattern (CSU GE Breadth - Coastline’s Option 2 General Education pattern), OR the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC - Coastline Option 3 General Education pattern).

Requirements for the Degree

Course Title Units
Required Core
Complete the following:
PHYS C185Calculus Based Physics: Mechanics4
PHYS C280Calculus Based Physics: Electricity and Magnetism4
PHYS C285Calculus Based Physics: Modern Physics4
MATH C180Calculus 15
MATH C185Calculus 25
MATH C280Calculus 35
Units Required for Major27
CSU General Education or IGETC pattern37-39
Transfer Electives as needed to reach 60 transferable unitsVaries
Total Units60

Physics ADT Program Map

This Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) program map is a recommended example of all major (program) requirements as well as general education requirements for two-year completion or transfer. This path may be altered to fit your individual academic needs. These two-year program maps were created by program faculty and counselors and demonstrate a recommended path to completion. Students are advised to meet with a Coastline Counselor for individualized program planning.

Your Path to Success

Follow this path to earn your ADT in Physics in 2 years.

Don’t forget to consult a counselor for an education plan!

See a graphic of the Physics Associate Degree for Transfer roadmap.

Course Title Units
1st Semester
ENGL C100Freshman Composition4
COUN C105Strategies for College Success3
MUS C100History and Appreciation of Music3
MATH C180Calculus 15
2nd Semester
CMST C110Public Speaking3
MRSC C100Introduction to Marine Science3
SOC C233Racial and Ethnic Relations in America3
ENGL C102Critical Reasoning, Reading, and Writing3
MATH C185Calculus 25
3rd Semester
PSYC C100Introduction to Psychology3
HIST C175United States History since 18763
PHYS C185Calculus Based Physics: Mechanics4
MATH C280Calculus 35
4th Semester
PHIL C120Ethics3
PSCI C180American Government3
PHYS C280Calculus Based Physics: Electricity and Magnetism4
Elective Course3