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Aging Studies, Certificate of Achievement

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Gerontology, the interdisciplinary study of aging, offers students an understanding of their own aging and of society’s response to the increasing population of older people. Biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of aging are explored. Coursework for the program in Aging Studies will provide information about the aging process and training to work in services and agencies that interact with older people.

Those who hold degrees and/or who wish to advance their present careers by adding professional gerontology education and training components to their qualifications may complete the Certificate of Achievement without obtaining the A.A. Degree. Much of the coursework required for the Certificate of Achievement also qualifies for general education transfer requirements as well as continuing education units for a variety of fields, including RCFE, NHAP, LVN, CNA, HHA, and RN.

Coastline College students completing the A.A. Degree and Aging Studies Certificate of Achievement qualify for our degree partnership with CSUF. For information about the Coastline College/Cal State Fullerton degree partnership in human services and aging studies call Coastline College at (714) 241-2613 or Human Services Office, CSUF, (714) 278-2255.

Coastline College and CSU Long Beach have a partnership that allows a maximum of 6 units (SOC C120 Introduction to Aging Studies and 3 units of elective courses) to be applied to CSULB's 15 unit Gerontology Minor. Contact Coastline College at (714) 241-6213 or the Gerontology Department at CSULB for further information.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Apply major gerontology theories and principles of the field to everyday life and determine the impact of these theories on the aging individual and/or society as a whole.
  2. Apply effective communication skills in a variety of gerontology settings.
  3. Support opinions/ideas using solid gerontology research principles.

Review Graduation Requirements.

Course Title Units
Required Core 1
Complete the following:
AGNG C120Introduction to Aging Studies3
or SOC C120 Introduction to Aging Studies
AGNG C122Biology of Aging3
or BIOL C120 Biology of Aging
AGNG C170Psychology of Aging3
or PSYC C170 Psychology of Aging
AGNG C220Controversies and Ethical Issues in Aging3
or HSVC C220 Controversies and Ethical Issues in Aging
Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR Card 2
Program Electives 3
Select a minimum of six units of the following:6
Home Care
Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging
Nutrition through the Lifecycle
Nutrition through the Lifecycle
Care of Frail Elderly
Aging in a Multicultural Society
Probate Administration/Estate Planning
Elder Law
Program Field Courses 1
Complete the following course:
AGNG C273Careers in Gerontology - A Field Practicum3
or HSVC C273 Human Services Practicum
Units Required for Major21

Some courses in the program are not offered every semester. AGNG C131 Home Care, AGNG C273 Careers in Gerontology - A Field Practicum, and AGNG C240 Aging in a Multicultural Society are offered once per year, usually in the fall semester. AGNG C220 Controversies and Ethical Issues in Aging/HSVC C220 Controversies and Ethical Issues in Aging and AGNG C230 Care of Frail Elderly are offered once per year, usually in the spring semester. Plan your full schedule with the timing of your courses in mind.


Additional Requirement: Students must obtain a current Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR Card.


Students wishing to work in Home Care should select AGNG C131 Home Care and AGNG C230 Care of Frail Elderly as their electives.