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Accounting (ACCT)

ACCT C011N54 Hours (54 lecture hours)  
Accounting for Non-Financial Business Employees (Noncredit)  

Grading Mode: P/NP/SP Non-Credit

Not Transferable.

The Accounting for Non-Financial Business Employees class is designed to prepare students for entry-level and supervisory positions in numerous organizations. It is an integral component in the certificate program intended to prepare students for the skilled workforce with high-growth and high-wage employment potential. Industry need for people with financial understanding/skills is at an all-time high. According to employers, applicants and employees with the skills acquired in this course and related certificate are more likely to be hired or promoted to supervisory and leadership roles. Its goal is career-preparation and job readiness skills. This course is a noncredit course and may not be substituted or considered for equivalency with any credit course. This course may be used to partially fulfill the requirements for Retail Accounting and Technology Noncredit Certificate of Completion. Noncredit. Pass/No Pass/Satisfactory Progress. (NOT DEGREE APPLICABLE.)

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