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Entry-Level Accounting, Certificate of Specialization

Not Financial Aid Eligible
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This certificate, issued through the Business and Computing Division, provides students with basic accounting and computer accounting coursework. Completion of the certificate will enable students to apply for entry-level positions in accounting.

Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of an accounting process by performing appropriate accounting functions manually or by utilizing G/L software.
  2. Define and apply the different concepts of cost used to assist managers in making business decisions by performing profitability and cost analysis

Certificate of Specialization Requirements

The Certificate of Specialization is a locally approved career program that requires sixteen units or fewer units and is designed to prepare the graduate to enter a particular field of employment.  In order to be awarded a certificate, students are required to obtain a grade of “C” or better in all program-required courses. Grades of “CR” or “P” will be accepted whereas “CR” or “P” meets the equivalency of a “C” or better.  At least 3 units in an advanced course from the certificate must be completed at OCC at the department’s discretion.  Certificates of Specialization are not automatically awarded, not printed on official academic transcripts, and there is no acknowledgment of completion given at graduation.  Please contact the division for details regarding the submission of petitions as procedures for each division vary.  Most division offices prefer that students complete all of the required courses and then provide a copy of the transcript while some divisions allow petitions for Certificates of Specialization before finishing.  Check with a counselor to determine the requirements for completion.

A list of certificate programs can be found in the Programs A-Z section of this catalog.  

Course Title Units
Required Courses
ACCT A101Financial Accounting4
ACCT A102Managerial Accounting4
ACCT A110Excel for Accounting and Finance3
Total Units11