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Career Services

Career Services is a multi-faceted department that focuses on preparing students for careers. It encompasses the Career Library Resource Center, Career Programs, Tech Prep Career Pathways/Articulation, the Internship Academy and the Job Placement Center. Career Services is located on the third floor of Watson Hall. For more information, visit

Career Resource Center

The Career Resource Center offers a variety of materials for students to do research on various aspects of occupational or educational goals. Students can access school catalogs, college major directories, college rankings, career information, job outlook and trends, and much more. There also are career assessments available to help students in making the right decision about their future. The Career Resource Center will help students to pave their own path to success. For more information, phone (714) 432-5576 ext. 4 or visit us online at

Career Pathways/Articulation

The Career Services Department receives funding from the California Community College’s Chancellor’s Office through a CTE Transitions Grant and a SB70/SB1133 Career Technical Education Community Collaborative Grant to develop and maintain articulated courses between local high schools and the College; plan sequences of study in career technical education programs that begin in high school, and extend through at least two years of postsecondary education or an apprenticeship program; and develop and operate career pathway day events to showcase the College’s career technical education programs to high school students and community members.

This funding is essential in helping to promote a bridge between secondary and postsecondary career technical education programs, providing career pathways, and helping all students make the connection between school and employment.

For more information on our career programs, call (714) 432-5576 ext. 5 or visit us online at

Internship Academy

The Internship Academy at Orange Coast College offers students the opportunity to attend college classes and earn college credit for concurrent learning on the job. The program is designed to meet the demands of the students and employers for internship experience, and is “in compliance” with Title 5 regulations for accredited field experience. Together, the employment experience and educational aspects enable the student to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enter and progress in a chosen career.

The Internship Academy assists students in making the transition from school to work by providing hands-on, “real world” learning experiences, and practical application of classroom theory.

The Academy delivers career-related field experience to students interested in or planning to enter a specific career related to their education.

The Academy experience is a compilation of career exploration, training-related field experience and clinical fieldwork. For more information, call (714) 432-5576 ext. 2 or visit

Job Center

The Job Center provides a connection between employers and Orange Coast College students. The Center assists students in their job search by providing listings from local employers that include temporary or permanent part-time, full-time and internship opportunities. Workshops are provided to improve resume-writing skills and interviewing techniques. Books dealing with job preparation and search skills are available for checkout. Computers are accessible to assist with job searches. Job Center personnel also are available to discuss particular job search needs. For more information, call (714) 432-5576 ext. 1 or visit us online at