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Global Studies, Certificate Of Achievement

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Global studies is generally a broad-based, inter-disciplinary study of processes and problems in the twenty first century. The Certificate of Achievement in Global Studies Program encourages students to become global thinkers and problem-solvers by specifically training students in the knowledge and skills that are fundamental components of global citizenship and practice.  Graduates from this program will possess an increased understanding of the world’s social, political, economic and natural systems and an appreciation of the diversity of human culture which in turn will enable them to better work in the global economy, live in a multicultural society and make intelligent decisions as global citizens. Students who finish this global studies program are not only more adept at understanding the changes brought about by globalization, but also are more likely to be hired by private and public industries who seek graduates with skills such as global literacy and global competencies. 

The goals of the Certificate of Achievement in Global Studies are to enhance student competency within an area of focus; provide students with the skills and knowledge to perform competently, both professionally and socially, in an international environment; and to encourage students to become knowledgeable, active participants in the global arena. 

Program Level Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Articulate an understanding of her/his culture in global and comparative context.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of global issues, processes, trends and systems.
  3. Interpret issues and situations from more than one perspective.
  4. Use diverse global perspectives and frames of reference to think critically and solve problems.

Certificate of Achievement Requirements

This certificate goes through the State approval process and requires a minimum of 12 units of coursework in a particular academic or occupational area. The certificate programs normally include only those courses which have a direct bearing upon specialized occupational competency since the objective of earning the career certificate is immediate employment in a specialized area. Upon successful completion of the program and completing the application, the student will receive the certificate and be recognized at the graduation ceremony. In order to earn a Certificate of Achievement all courses that apply to the certificate must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” in each course unless otherwise stated. A minimum of 12 units in residence at GWC is required, and 50 percent of the certificate program must be completed at GWC.

Course Title Units
Required Courses – Core
PSCI G105Introduction to Global Studies3
PSCI G205Global Issues3
Group A
Select one course of the following:3
Culture and Society
ANTH G100Introduction To Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH G190Introduction to Linguistics3
GEOG G185Human Geography3
GEOG G100World Regional Geography3
HIST G162World History 23
HIST G185Western Civilization 23
SOC G100Introduction To Sociology3
Governance and Conflict
PEAC G100Peace Studies Intro3
PHIL G150Political Philosophy3
PSCI G150Political Philosophy3
PSCI G110International Relations3
PSCI G185Comparative Politics3
ECON G170Principles of Micro Economics3
ECON G175Principles of Macro Economics3
Group B
Select one of the following:3-4
ANTH G185Physical Anthropology3
ANTH G130Introduction To Archaeology3
GEOG G180Introduction To Geography: Physical Geography3
ART G103History of Asian Art3
HIST G120Asian Civilizations3
HIST G150History of Latin America3
HIST G132History Of Britain And Ireland I3
HIST G135History of Britain and Ireland II3
PHIL G110Philosophy Of The East3
PHIL G111Philosophy of Religion - Western3
SPAN G280Intermediate Spanish 14
SPAN G285Intermediate Spanish 24
VIET G280Intermediate Vietnamese 14
VIET G285Intermediate Vietnamese 24
Group C
Select one of the following:3
ECON G110Contemporary Economic Issues and Problems3
PEAC G110Nonviolence and Conflict Resoulution3
SOC G185Analysis of Social Problems3
Total Units15-16