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Medical Coding Specialist, Certificate of Achievement

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The Medical Coding Specialist Program is designed to educate and prepare students for entry-level medical coding jobs. The outpatient/inpatient certificate of achievement provides individuals with the content knowledge and skills needed to abstract and critically analyze medical data for positions in the Health Information Management (HIM) field and the medical technology industry.  

With a high demand for medical coders in today's job market, these professionals are considered an essential entity in various healthcare settings such as acute, extended, and long term care facilities, surgical centers, clinics, and physician offices. As a major building block among HIM professionals, medical coders are known as medical language experts who interpret and process health information for health data collection, revenue reimbursement, and research to improve quality of care.

The curriculum emphasizes identified competencies and hands-on integration and use of technology systems seen in many healthcare institutions.  Completion of all courses will require a “C” or above to receive the Certificate of Achievement and to sit for the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) or American Academy of Procedural Coders (AAPC) certification exams. 

Program Level Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and pathophysiology when coding diagnostic
    and procedural codes.
  2. Examine various classification systems utilized to collect medical data in healthcare facilities.
  3. Use common computer and HIM-related software applications for database management techniques.
  4. Summarize fundamental knowledge, increase attention to detail, and master application skills as a coding professional.
  5. Describe key industry performance indicators of revenue management and their use in performance evaluation.

Certificate of Achievement Requirements

This certificate goes through the State approval process and requires a minimum of 12 units of coursework in a particular academic or occupational area. The certificate programs normally include only those courses which have a direct bearing upon specialized occupational competency since the objective of earning the career certificate is immediate employment in a specialized area. Upon successful completion of the program and completing the application, the student will receive the certificate and be recognized at the graduation ceremony. In order to earn a Certificate of Achievement all courses that apply to the certificate must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” in each course unless otherwise stated. A minimum of 12 units in residence at GWC is required, and 50 percent of the certificate program must be completed at GWC.

Course Title Units
Required Courses
HIT G103Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professionals3
HIT G100Introduction to Health Information Technology3
HIT G102Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare2
HIT G108Inpatient & Outpatient Diagnostic Coding3
HIT G110Inpatient Procedural Coding3
HIT G205Medical Coding Specialist Practicum1
CS G130Survey Of Computer Science/Information Technology4
BIOL G221Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology4
HIT G106Outpatient Procedural Coding3
HIT G202Revenue Management3
BIOL G200Pharmacology - Medications And Drugs3
BIOL G160Physiology And Disease Mechanisms3
Total Units35