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Retail Management, Certificate Of Achievement

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This Retail Management Certificate, designed in collaboration with industry leaders, prepares individuals for promotion in management in the retail field. This program is also intended to help students develop an understanding of the retail manager’s job and the requirements for success in the retail environment.

Individuals completing the prescribed courses are eligible to receive both the Golden West College Certificate of Achievement and the Western Association of Food Chains (WAFC) Retail Management Certificate.

The certificate is designed to prepare current and future retail employees for the fast-paced challenges in a competitive retail industry. This certificate includes business essentials such as accounting and marketing, and also emphasizes the “soft skills” of behavioral management and communication required for career success. Completion of the Retail Management certificate enhances the opportunity for entry employment as well as advancement in a retail career.

Program Level Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Develop a business plan for a small business which will include a mission statement, organizational structure, financial plan, cost analysis, and logistics and supply chain management.
  2. Develop guidelines for customer service for both suppliers and customers.
  3. Incorporate business solutions software to logistics and supply chains.
  4. Develop employment guidelines following Federal policies governing affirmative action and the American Disabilities Act.

Certificate of Achievement Requirements

This certificate goes through the State approval process and requires a minimum of 12 units of coursework in a particular academic or occupational area. The certificate programs normally include only those courses which have a direct bearing upon specialized occupational competency since the objective of earning the career certificate is immediate employment in a specialized area. Upon successful completion of the program and completing the application, the student will receive the certificate and be recognized at the graduation ceremony. In order to earn a Certificate of Achievement all courses that apply to the certificate must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” in each course unless otherwise stated. A minimum of 12 units in residence at GWC is required, and 50 percent of the certificate program must be completed at GWC.

Course Title Units
Required Courses
ACCT G100Introduction to Accounting3
BUS G139Business Communication3
or BUS G130 Introduction To Business Writing
CS G130Survey Of Computer Science/Information Technology4
MGMT G110Elements Of Management3
MGMT G111Human Resources Management3
MGMT G115Essentials of Organizational Behavior3
MKTG G100Principles Of Marketing3
MKTG G135Retail Management3
Suggested Electives
ACCT G102Managerial Accounting4
ACCT G215Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Internal Control Compliance3
BUS G100Introduction To Business3
BUS G108Legal Environment Of Business3
or BUS G110 Business Law
COMM G110Public Speaking3
COOP G103Cooperative Work Experience3
COOP G104Cooperative Work Experience4
MGMT G152Starting a Business - Entrepreneurial Small Business3
MGMT G130Team Building And Group Dynamics3
MGMT G140Business and Organizational Ethics3
Total Units25