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Digital Media: Animation and Gaming Foundation, Certificate of Accomplishment


The Animation/Gaming Foundations Certificate consists of the foundational courses that would prepare students to become entry level animators.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Select and use appropriate software and apply conceptual thinking skills to solve problems and complete specific technology-related projects.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of the implications of market trends on the needs and evolving styles within the media industry.
  3. Code and troubleshoot basic computer programming.
  4. Interpret the ideas being communicated by analyzing the visual elements and principles of design.
  5. Solve visual problems involving craftsmanship by using the creative process.

Certificate Graduation Requirements

A Certificate is awarded upon completion of the required coursework with a grade of C or higher in each course. To receive the certificate, the student must file a petition for graduation during his/her final semester. In addition:

Certificate of Accomplishment

  • Students must also earn a minimum of 12 units of coursework at Coastline, excluding experiential credit.
  • A student with prior experience may be excused from certain certificate courses.
  • 50 percent of the certificate program’s units must be completed at Coastline no matter how the total number of units required for the certificate can be met.
Course Title Units
Required Courses
Students will complete all of the following:
DGA C1113ds Max Fundamentals3
DGA C166CAdobe Animate3
DGA C118AIntroduction to Adobe Illustrator3
DGA C122Introduction to After Effects3
Total Units12