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Gerontology, Associate of Arts Degree Major

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The Gerontology major is designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to studying the human aging process from sociological, psychological, and biological perspectives. If you would like an overview of the field of aging while completing your A.A. Degree, the gerontology major is a good option. Many of the courses are cross disciplinary and, therefore, count towards the major as well as the general education requirements for the A.A. Degree. Coursework will also transfer as electives or general education requirements to a four-year institution. Aging studies may be pertinent to degrees such as Human Services, Gerontology, Psychology, and Social Work.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Apply major gerontology theories and principles of the field to everyday life and determine the impact of these theories on the aging individual and/or society as a whole.
  2. Apply effective communication skills in a variety of gerontology settings.
  3. Support opinions/ideas using solid gerontology research principles.
Course Title Units
Required Core 1
Complete the following:
BIOL C120Biology of Aging3
or GERO C122 Biology of Aging
PSYC C170Psychology of Aging3
or GERO C170 Psychology of Aging
SOC C120Introduction to Gerontology3
or GERO C121 Introduction to Gerontology
GERO C220Controversies and Ethical Issues in Aging3
or HSVC C220 Controversies and Ethical Issues in Aging
Program Electives 1, 2
Select six units of the following:6
Nutrition through the Lifecycle
Nutrition through the Lifecycle
Home Care
Care of Frail Elderly
Aging in a Multicultural Society
Careers in Gerontology - A Field Practicum
Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging
Helping Theories and Intervention Strategies
Introduction to Crisis Intervention
Probate Administration/Estate Planning
Elder Law
Units Required for the Major18
Local General Education, CSU General Education, or IGETC patternVaries
Electives to satisfy unit requirementVaries
Total Units60